Berthoud Vermorel 1800 Sprayer


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The Berthoud Vermorel stands as a professional-grade knapsack, ideal for expansive gardens, parks, orchards, and both industrial and agricultural applications. Boasting a reservoir capacity of 16 liters, it features a visible liquid level for easy monitoring. Its design includes an ergonomic back frame that conforms seamlessly to the contours of your back, adjustable double shoulder straps for personalized comfort, and a reversible left/right pump lever offering two positions for added convenience. With a high-performance diaphragm pump featuring a curved piston, it ensures effortless handling and maintains a low pumping rate. Equipped with a professional ‘PROFILE’ type lance handle for enhanced comfort and accuracy, it comes with a 60cm composite lance boasting exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance. The multi-purpose adjustable nozzle holder adds versatility, while it comes complete with a swirl nozzle and a 15/10 plate for immediate use.


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The Berthoud Vermorel is a professional use knapsack suiable for large gardens, parks, orchards, industrial and agricultural use. Reservoir capacity: 16L with visible liquid level- Ergonomic back frame, which perfectly fits the shape of your back- Adjustable double shoulder straps- Reversible left/right pump lever with two positions- High performance diaphragm pump with curved piston(ease of handling and low pumping rate)- Professional ‘PROFILE’ type lance handle (comfort and accuracy)- 60cm composite lance with high mechanical and chemical resistance- Multi purpose adjustable nozzle holder- Delivered with swirl nozzle and 15/10 plate

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