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Increase your crop yields through effective animal and bird defence.

Throughout the season, the crop is constantly in danger and we all recognize the problems presented by crows, pigeons, geese, deers and rabbits. These animals feed on the crop before the seed has opened, i.e. during drilling, and also during the growth of the crop – in other words before it can be harvested. Protect your crop from such damage.

Purivox Products

Purivox Triplex V Control Unit
Purivox Carousel Triplex V
Purivox Mirror – Pyramid
Purivox Butterfly Dummy
Purivox Razzo Triplex V
Purivox Triplex V

Electronic PestClear Bird Repeller

Two years in development, following its appearance on RTE Radio “Mooney Goes Wild on One” This Bird Repeller utilises sounds of predatory birds to repel birds, rats, mice and other rodents. It can be set to cover either a small garden, or up to approximately one acre. It also has an automatic night setting.