Long-Term Moss Prevention

Moss, like most lawn weeds, primarily take advantage of bare areas in turf but do not kill out existing grass as some people believe. Bare areas in a lawn can be a result from several causes. Unsuitable grass varieties, poor drainage, drought, soil compaction, excessive shade, thatch accumulation, poor fertility, diseases, improper mowing, and other cultural practices are the most common reasons for turf/grass failure and leading to moss or other weed problems creeping in.

Improving these factors to encourage thick, healthy grass is the key to long term moss prevention. There are a few options when controlling moss in lawns some more successful than others. We will highlight a few of the more successful options here.

The Importance of Soil pH in Moss Control

Osmo Moss Remover – Is a product that has been on the Irish market for several years and with a unique mode of action, that has many advantages over other more dated forms of moss control. It is an organic based fertiliser for lawns that on application indirectly dehydrates the moss down to root level through its complex form of organic potash and additional micro-organisms. Its main advantage that it has over other sulphate of iron-based products is that there is no need to scarify the moss from the lawn after application as it simply turns the moss to dust over a 3-week period and disappears; there is also no risk of staining patios driveways etc when applying it. The beneficial micro-organisms that it contains also help remove all the dead thatch from the grass and in turn transform it into additional nutrients which help feed the lawn. Alongside side these benefits, Osmo Moss Remover is a fertiliser which is long lasting and adds all necessary nutrients for colour, health, and optimal lawn care in Ireland.

Osmo moss remover & lime pellets

Because Osmo Moss Remover is an organic based product it will not affect the soil ph. PH is a measure of the acidity of the soil and it’s crucial to have an optimum PH 6.3 to 6.5 to maximise the health of the lawn and the uptake of any nutrients applied. Sulphate of iron-based products do make the soil more acidic when applied, which long term will lead to problems if not addressed, moss loves acidic soils, hence why a lot of people find their moss returning twice as bad the following year after applying sulphate of iron-based products.

To help avoid this acidity problem in lawns, an annual application of Osmo Lime Seaweed Pellets will help to maintain the soil at an optimum ph as well as conditioning the soil. While Osmo Moss Remover will feed nutrients to the lawn for up to nine months of the year depending on soil temperatures, its moss removal effects tapper off from mid-July onwards and shouldn’t be applied after this date when moss control is required but is an excellent option as an Autumn feed to harden off the lawn as Winter approaches.

Zero Lawn Moss: Fast-Acting Moss Control Solution

Zero Lawn Moss is a liquid option for moss control, it is very quick acting and shows results within 24 hours, it works very well when combined with the Osmo Moss Remover as it’s quick mode of action and Osmo’s longevity go hand in hand and result in a superior moss free lawn that has been feed for up to 3/4 months. Zero along with Osmo Moss Remover are both safe for pets and children once dried/incorporated in.

Zero lawn moss control liquid

The Perfect Tool for Moss Control in Lawns

Another effective tool in the battle against lawn moss is the Wolf-Garten Roller Moss Removal Rake. This 30cm rake, available at Whites Agri, is designed specifically for the mechanical removal of moss. Unlike chemical treatments, this rake offers a physical approach, efficiently uprooting moss and thatch from the lawn. Its unique roller design and sharp blades ensure thorough moss removal while minimizing damage to the grass. Ideal for Irish lawns, this rake is a perfect tool for gardeners seeking a hands-on approach to maintaining a moss-free and healthy lawn. Incorporating this rake into your lawn care regimen can significantly enhance the effectiveness of other moss control products, leading to a more vibrant and resilient turf.

wolf garten moss removal roller rake

Unfortunately, because of our wet weather, shaded areas and /or poorly drained soils, moss will tend to re-grow especially in areas where there is a lot of foot fall or compaction. Consider renting a Lawn Aerator (spiker) from your local hire shop or purchasing one in your local hardware to help reduce the re-occurrence of moss re-growth.