Wolf Garten Roller Moss Removal Rake 30cm URM


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The comfortable multi-star Scarifier Rake UR-M 3 with oscillating operation and smooth-running wheels is perfect for thoroughly cleaning moss and thatch from small areas of lawn. The sharp, hardened barbed blades do not require resharpening and are therefore always accurate and reliable. The working width of this quality product is 30 cm. The multi-star Handle ZM 170 is particularly suited to the scarifier rake.

In stock (can be backordered)



The Roller Moss Removal Rake proves to be the perfect solution for effectively removing moss and thatch from your lawn. Its uniquely crafted head allows for a swinging motion, complemented by the strategically angled teeth, facilitating a smooth ‘gliding’ action when pushed and a deep ‘biting’ effect when pulled. With wheels positioned on each side, the rake ensures effortless maneuverability with minimal exertion.

Crafted in Germany according to stringent engineering benchmarks, this tool guarantees superior performance. Designed for compatibility with lightweight multi-change® handles, it offers versatility tailored to your preferences.

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