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Equiivent ND is a supplemental feed tailored for horses. It blends a unique mix of five essential oils to aid in sustaining healthy breathing, complemented by Licorice Root Extract known for its demulcent properties, supporting the natural condition of mucous membranes.

Experience Extra Air Power. Enjoy Soothing Aromas. Benefit from its Rich Syrup consistency, ensuring lasting effects by adhering to the mouth.

In stock

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EQUIVENT ND  is a complementary feed for horses. It is a novel combination of 5 essential oils which can assist in the maintenance of normal breathing, as well as Licorice Root Extract which has demulcent properties and will help maintain the normal condition of the mucus membranes.

  • Extra Air Power.
  • Soothing Aromas.
  • Rich Syrup – sticks to the mouth for long lasting effect.


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