Snuggy Hoods Headless Sweet Itch Hood


The Snuggy Hoods Headless Sweet Itch Hood offers comprehensive protection against midges, flies, insects, and UV rays without covering the face. Featuring an adjustable belly band and collar for a comfortable fit, it prevents rubbing with its silky-lined mane and shoulder area. Crafted from breathable, water-repellent fabric, it’s durable and cooling, suitable for all-day wear in any weather. Fully machine-washable and compatible with various rugs, it’s the ultimate choice for mane protection.

Available in brown.


The Snuggy Hoods Headless Sweet Itch Hood is the ideal solution for horse owners seeking protection against midges, flies, biting insects, and harmful UV rays without covering the face. A top-selling Summer Hood, it provides full mane protection.

Designed for total defense, the Snuggy Headless Sweet Itch Hood features an adjustable belly band, and an elasticated, adjustable collar behind the ears for a snug yet comfortable fit. Its no-seam silky-lined mane and shoulder area prevent rubbing and chafing.

Crafted with comfort in mind, this Headless Sweet Itch Hood boasts an extra-long neck cut for unhindered grazing while ensuring protection up to the ears. Constructed from fully breathable, water-repellent, heavy showerproof, lightweight, stretch fabric, it offers durability, cooling, and comfort. Additionally, it repels dust and dirt and prevents coat bleaching in the sun.

Suitable for round-the-clock wear, whether in the field or stable, rain or shine, the Headless Sweet Itch Hood is fully machine-washable. Its self-fixing design allows compatibility with any rug, such as a fly rug or Summer sheet.

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