Showa 720 Chemical Resistant Gloves


Showa chemical resistant gauntlet gloves, low-lint, resistant to deformation and food safe. Perfect for handling agri-chemicals and sprays.

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Showa 720 Chemical Resistant Gloves

  • Fully coated, extra coating over entire hand
  • Scalloped edge
  • Rough finish over entire surface
  • Antibacterial and anti-odour treatment
  • Special hydrocarbon treatment
  • Anatomical shape
  • Seamless knit


  • A light, elastic low-lint glove, resistant to deformation and which keeps its shape longer
  • Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with effective long lasting grip
  • Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments, enabling you to grip objects securely
  • Surface provides tactile feel and better grip
  • Greater hygiene
  • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear
  • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin

Extended protection on the forearm

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