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ROUNDUP® BIACTIVE XL herbicide, containing 360g/l glyphosate, effectively controls both annual and perennial weeds, offering benefits for harvest management. It’s versatile, suitable for non-crop areas, aquatic weed control, and ornamental plantings. Despite its quick degradation, precautions include avoiding rainfall for 6-24 hours post-application and preventing drift. Tank-mixing is not recommended, and delayed application of other substances is advised. For optimal control, target actively growing weeds at specific growth stages.

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ROUNDUP® BIACTIVE XL herbicide is an advanced formula containing 360g/l glyphosate. It’s absorbed by foliage and moves to the roots, effectively controlling both annual and perennial weeds. Besides weed control, it offers benefits for harvest management when applied before crop harvesting. It’s recommended for non-crop areas like roadsides, paths, and industrial sites, as well as for aquatic weed control.

This herbicide can also be used in ornamental plantings, forestry, and forest nurseries for site preparation and post-planting treatments. It degrades quickly in soil and water, posing minimal risk to groundwater and allowing immediate use of water for irrigation after application.

ROUNDUP BIACTIVE XL ensures operator safety with no hazardous classification. However, precautions include waiting 6-24 hours after application before rainfall, avoiding spraying on senescent or stressed weeds, and preventing drift, especially near hedgerows.

Tank-mixing with other substances is not recommended except as specified. After application, cultivation is advised to disperse or bury decaying foliage. Delayed application of lime, fertilizers, and pesticides is recommended.

This herbicide effectively controls most emerged grasses and broadleaf weeds when applied at the correct growth stage. It’s crucial to target actively growing weeds and ensure they meet specific growth criteria for optimal control. Repeat treatment may be necessary for certain weed species like Horsetails.

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