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Introducing the JFC Personnel Disinfectant Footbath Tray, a crucial tool for upholding hygiene standards in sensitive areas. Strategically placed at entrances or exits, it efficiently prevents disease transmission, enhancing bio-security measures. Compatible with various disinfectants, it ensures thorough footwear sanitization through a simple one-foot-at-a-time process. With easily replaceable foam inserts to minimize wastage and lightweight construction for easy relocation, this tray is indispensable in combating disease spread. Key features include optimized disinfectant usage and its vital role in disease prevention.

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Introducing the JFC Personnel Disinfectant Footbath Tray, an essential component for maintaining hygiene protocols in sensitive areas. Strategically position this tray at entrances or exits to effectively curb the transmission of diseases and infections, bolstering your bio-security measures. Compatible with a wide range of disinfectants, these footbaths ensure thorough sanitization of footwear with a simple one-foot-at-a-time dipping process.

Designed for practicality, the foam inserts are easily replaceable, minimizing wastage and effectively containing splashes. Crafted to be lightweight and maneuverable, these trays can be effortlessly relocated to areas requiring immediate attention.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with foam pad inserts to optimize disinfectant usage.
  • Vital in combating the spread of diseases and infections.

Dimensions: 534L x 305W x 64H (mm)

Product code: FBP01

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