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Nutri Hemp is an equine supplement formulated using premium hemp ingredients. It comes in a palatable powder and the Bioactive Plant Compounds used are found to help maintain calmness and balance in your horse. Being rich in Phyonutrients, Nutri Hemp can naturally support joint health and stiffness.

Please note Nutri Hemp does not comply with FEI Regulations or the Rules of Racing.


Nutri Hemp is a palatable powder formulation containing premium bioactive hemp ingredients specially designed for horses. Nutri Hemp helps to promote calmness and balance for your horse while also providing natural support for joints and mobility. All ingredients used are GMO free and independently tested to ensure product quality.

Please note: Not suitable for use in competition horses.

Available in a 375g pack size or 1.2kg.

Ingredients: Grass Meal, Hemp Expeller

Feeding rates: Administration: Introduce gradually for first 7-10 days
– For calming: feed 1 level scoop, increase to 2 if required.
– For joints/mobility: feed 2 level scoops, increase to 3 if required
Amount given can be tailored to horse’s specific requirements. Product can be given with food.

Nutri Hemp does not comply with FEI Regulations or the Rules of Racing.

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375g, 1.2kg


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