Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Solution


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Hoof Solution to provide antibacterial cleansing of the hoof

In stock (can be backordered)

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HOOF SOLUTION is made of natural products. With the advent of new technology, this product with its powerful bactericidal and fungicidal properties has become a symbol of the meeting of old and new. HOOF SOLUTION’s antiseptic properties and astringent action on keratinized tissues make it the only product that can dry out, clean and treat infected or sensitive horny tissues deep down. KEVIN BACON’S HOOF SOLUTION is easy to use and quick acting. These properties make it a must for treating thrush and the area between the heel bulbs, as well as for protective applications at each shoeing, and it is recommended by all professionals. Regular applications of KEVIN BACON’S HOOF SOLUTION will keep your horse’s feet clean and sound

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