Hozelock 60m Hose Cart Kit


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Introducing the Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart, bundled with a 50m ½” hose for effortless gardening. Crafted from top-quality materials, this wheeled cart withstands tough tasks with ease. Featuring an adjustable handle, integrated wheels, and a one-piece winding mechanism, it ensures swift, hassle-free operation. Its stability, elongated towing handle, and easy storage capability make it a convenient gardening essential.

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Introducing the Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart, complete with a 50m ½” hose for your gardening convenience. This freestanding cart features an adjustable handle, making manoeuvring around your garden effortless. Equipped with hose and fittings, it’s ready for immediate watering action.

Crafted from premium materials, this wheeled cart is built to withstand tough gardening tasks with ease. Its one-piece winding handle and sturdy frame ensure swift and hassle-free rewinding.

Designed for convenience, the cart boasts an elongated towing handle and integrated wheels, enabling smooth movement across your garden. When not in use, simply adjust the handle height using the locking collars for easy storage.

With a wider stance and lower center of gravity, stability is guaranteed during operation.

Key benefits of this cart include a 50m hose, a spacious towing handle for effortless mobility, and robust construction for long-lasting durability.

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