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Foran Equine Honey + C is a specialized syrup designed to support respiratory health and bolster the immune system in horses. Infused with honey for its natural soothing properties, along with Vitamin C as an antioxidant, it aids in maintaining a healthy immune response. The formulation includes herbal extracts like Thyme, Liquorice, and Horehound, which promote respiratory well-being. Ideal for horses during travel or those with compromised immune systems, as well as those needing additional Vitamin C supplementation. This syrup offers comprehensive support to help horses maintain optimal respiratory function and overall health.

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Foran Equine Honey + C Respiratory Supplement | Vitamin C | Immunity Support

A calming syrup with honey, herbal extracts, and Vitamin C to bolster the immune system.

Superior Immune Support Formula

FOR Soothing the Airways


  • Honey: Natural soothing properties
  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant for immune health
  • Thyme, Liquorice, & Horehound: Herbal support for respiratory health


  • Supporting respiratory health during travel
  • Horses with compromised immune systems
  • Horses with potential Vitamin C deficiency


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