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Foran Equine B-Complete is a specialized supplement designed to enhance digestive health and stimulate appetite in horses. Packed with essential B vitamins, including B12, it supports optimal metabolism and blood cell formation, maximizing energy production from the diet. The addition of a prebiotic promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the hind gut, improving digestion and feed utilization. This palatable vanilla-flavored liquid formula is ideal for horses experiencing increased stress, high energy demands, fatigue, extensive travel, or reduced appetite. It ensures horses receive the nutrients needed to maintain peak performance and overall well-being.

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Foran Equine B-Complete

Vitamin B Supplement for Horses | B12 | Appetite Stimulant

A blend of B vitamins with added prebiotic to support digestive health and enhance appetite.

Ensuring your horse maximizes their diet for peak performance.

FOR Appetite & Feed Utilisation


  • Essential B Vitamins for blood cell formation and optimal metabolism
  • Prebiotic to promote beneficial bacteria growth in the hind gut, improving digestion and feed utilisation
  • Vanilla Flavor, a palatable liquid formula that safely stimulates appetite


  • Horses under increased stress
  • Those with high energy demands and intense training schedules
  • Fatigued horses
  • Horses undergoing extensive travel
  • Horses with reduced appetite


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