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Equine America Coff-less is an effective blend of natural herbs and chemicals known for their role in maintaining healthy respiratory function. Coff-less contains Echinacea to help support the immune system which may be under pressure from dust and spores in the environment.

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Equine America Coff-Less is designed to support the respiratory and immune system with its blend of natural herbs and ingredients including Echinacea and MSM.

Horses are subjected to many respiratory challenges in the form of spores, dust, pollen and other small particles found regularly in their environment. Many horses cope with these issues but there are occasions when the respiratory and immune system is under pressure and horses must cough to clear their airways.

Targeted support in the form of Coff-Less can help to support the horses natural defence against respiratory challenges. Containing a powerful blend of herbs Coff-Less can be used to maintain respiratory function in challenging environments.

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