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Carbery’s development of the Roto Garden Composter marks a significant advancement in composting technology. By eliminating the need for home assembly and focusing on rodent prevention, Carbery prioritised user convenience and functionality. Collaborating closely with amateur gardeners, they engineered a product that not only excels in aesthetics but also delivers high-quality compost in a remarkably short timeframe of as little as 6 weeks*. The Carbery Roto Composter offers several advantages, including its unique castor-based action that speeds up composting, resistance to rodents, simple and sturdy design that eliminates potential mechanical issues, lightweight yet durable construction, low maintenance requirements due to corrosion and rot resistance, fully assembled delivery, and eco-friendly manufacturing from recyclable materials. These features make the Carbery Roto Composter an ideal choice for any gardening enthusiast seeking efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in composting practices.

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During the development of the Roto Garden Composter, Carbery removed the need for home assembly and prioritised designing a product that effectively prevents rodents. Through close collaboration with amateur gardeners, they engineered a product that not only boasts aesthetic appeal but also has the capability to produce high-quality compost in as little as 6 weeks*.

Why opt for a Carbery Roto Composter?

  • The unique castor-based Roto action accelerates the composting process.
  • Its design is resistant to rodents.
  • Featuring a simple and sturdy design, it eliminates potentially problematic hinges, gears, or drives.
  • It is both strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle when empty.
  • Requires minimal maintenance, as it is resistant to corrosion and rot.
  • Comes fully assembled, saving you from the hassle of home assembly.
  • Manufactured from fully recyclable materials, promoting sustainability.

Achieving great compost hinges on achieving the right balance between brown and green ingredients, aiming for equal volumes of both while strictly avoiding red ingredients.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Position the composter in a sunny spot.
  2. Kickstart the composting process with grass cuttings or untreated weeds.
  3. Add green and brown items in equal volumes as they become available.
  4. If you have more green items, balance them out with waste card and paper.
  5. Cut up larger items for faster decomposition.
  6. Gently rotate the composter every few days.
  7. Once full, refrain from adding more items.
  8. Keep rotating the composter.
  9. Composting will continue, yielding ready-to-use compost in as little as 6 weeks*.
  10. When the compost is crumbly and turns a dark brown color, it’s ready for use.

*Subject to a bulky item delivery charge of €11.90

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