Bluegrass Competition Mix 12%


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Bluegrass Competition Mix 12% is a high-performance blend without oats, suitable for various equestrian activities. It features quality vegetable oils, super fibers, and cereals for enhanced performance. With micronized cereals for digestibility and efficient energy release, it contains 12% protein for muscle development and Bioplex trace elements for overall health. It also includes natural vitamin E, biotin, and marine-derived calcium for gut and bone health. Specifically designed for horses in medium work and various disciplines, it’s a comprehensive choice for improving equine performance.

20kg bag.

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Bluegrass Competition Mix 12% offers a performance-oriented blend devoid of oats, suitable for various equestrian disciplines. Its notable features include an enriched composition of high-quality vegetable oils, super fibers, and a mix of cereals meticulously crafted to enhance performance. Being oat-free and incorporating micronized cereals, it ensures optimal digestibility and efficient energy release. With a 12% protein content rich in essential amino acids, it promotes muscle development. Moreover, it includes Bioplex trace elements like copper, zinc, and manganese, alongside natural vitamin E and additional biotin for overall health and vitality. The inclusion of marine-derived calcium further supports gut health, gastric health, and bone density improvement. Specifically designed for horses and ponies in medium work, including those engaged in showjumping, eventing, pre-training, and driving, as well as horses requiring additional condition, it stands as a comprehensive choice for equine performance enhancement.

Ingredients: Barley Flakes; Sugar Beet; Maize Flakes; Hi Oil Molglo; Soya (Bean) Hulls; Soya (Bean) Meal; Soya Oil; Pea Flakes; Bran Pellets; Maize Gluten Feed; Maize Distillers Dark Grains; Wheatfeed; Barley; Molasses; Calcium Carbonate; Dicalcium Phosphate; Sodium Chloride

Vitamin A: 11,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3: 1,100 IU/kg, Vitamin E: 77 IU/kg

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