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  • A special mix of flowers to attract songbirds. 66% flower, 33% ornamental grass seed. Available in a 300g pack which covers 100m2.
  • Flower Meadow: Roadside Mix

    A carefully selected mix of flower and low growing grass to give a natural wildflower meadow look. 30% flower, 70% ornamental grass seed. Contains both annual and perennial flowers. Available in 127g which will cover 100m2, and 500g which will cover 400m2.  
  • Designed especially for horses, containing dense and persistent varieties that will tolerate tight grazing. This mixture will create a high fibre, low protein grass sward ideally suited to horses and ponies.
  • Top 5 Extend is designed to achieve high animal performance through its exceptional quality and palatability. The varieties in this mixture excel in spring and autumn growth – meeting the demands of intensive grassland farmers while also providing the opportunity for a high yielding silage cut.
  • Will produce a grassland meadow mix. The flora in this mixture is specially selected for its attraction and benefit to both bees and butterflies. Containing a mixture of both perennial and annual wildflowers along with the appropriate grass species. This mixture provides some flowers from April – September with the main flowering period being May – July. Available in a 1kg pack which will cover 200m2
  • A flower mix designed to give colour all season long. The slow growing grass does not compete with the flowers and gives good ground cover to prevent invasive weeds establishing in the ‘meadow’. 20% flower, 80% ornamental grass seed.
  • A broad mix of fast emerging colourful flowers that provide food for pollinators and other beneficial insects. 100% flower seed containing a mix of annual flowers
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