• Sturdy plastic comb for use on the horses mane.
  • Solo Comb

    Used for thinning/ shortening the mane and tail. Ideal to shorten thin manes without making them look cut.
  • These revolutionary tail thinners are the only product on the market that actually thin thick tails and give the pulled look without discomfort. Guaranteed to work on the most sensitive animals. Made from high quality Scandinavian steel and manufactured in Germany.
  • Equishaves

    The Equi-Shave disposable razor is designed to tidy whiskers and soft hair and to perfect the appearance and definition around the muzzle.Using a high quality scandinavian blade, the razor is flexible allowing for safe trimming around the contours of the nose and chin area, ideal for last minite tidying, easy and quick to use and gives a close finish.
  • A useful addition to your grooming kit. Nova's jumbo sponge is a high density, ergonomically shaped sponge for big bathing jobs.
  • The Roma Massage Mitt with Magnetic Balls is a great way to offer your horse some relaxation and "me" time! The Mitt can be used to massage areas of attention on the horses back or can be used for a general "feel good" groom. The reverse of the Mitt has a curry finish ideal for scrubbing making this a great multi-purpose grooming tool.
  • Ultra-absorbent microfiber mitt, removes grease and dust, leaves a show ring finish to the coat. Use to wash, remove dirt and polish the coat.
  • Plastic contoured back, 8cm long synthetic bristles. Good for removing mud, sweat and dirt from unclipped horses. The long bristles allow you to flick any dust and scurf away from the horse’s coat without removing any essential coat oils.
  • Plastic contoured back, web hand strap, 3cm long horse hair. Suitable for use on clipped horses and those with fine coats, very soft bristles can help make the horse’s coat really shine.
  • Useful for removing grease and loose hair from the horse’s body. Used in a circular motion over the soft parts of the horses body, the rubber curry comb also provides a good massage for your horse and can help to remove mud as well.
  • Haas Diva

    This brush is made with a lambswool centre and a soft horsehair border. Ideal for use on the face and to provide a high shine on the coat.
  • This kit contains 3 brushes for grey or coloured horses to clean the coat and remove stubborn stains and finish the coat with a glossy shine.
  • This kit contains 3 brushes for chestnut or light bay horses to clean and finish the coat with a glossy shine.
  • This kit contains 3 brushes for black or dark bay horses to clean and finish the coat with a glossy shine
  • Epona Tiger's Tongue cleans embedded mud and dirt without creating a cloud of dust! Removes caked and dried on mud with ease, removes sweat marks from girths and saddle pads and can be used to clean legs and hooves. This is gentle enough to use on faces and ears while still being effective. A must have in the grooming kit. Vacuum packed, expands once opened to full size.