We have a large range of Equestrian Equipment for the horse and rider including tack, grooming supplies, rugs, everyday essentials and yard equipment. Everything is available in store in our Equestrian Section and also in our online shop. If you are looking for something that is not listed in our online store please contact the shop.

  • 2 Ring Gag

    The two ring gag offers leverage options to increase severity
  • This Dutch gag has a Waterford mouth made of many different links which makes it hard for the horse to take hold of and pull against it. The gag cheeks add leverage. This can be a severe bit. The 5" and smaller sizes of this bit come with shorter cheeks to ensure the bit remains in proportion with the smaller head
  • This non-sticky formula keeps manes and tails tangle-free and can last a full week with one application. Not an oil or cream rinse. Patented silicone formula. Reduces static electricity. Repels dust and dirt. Non-toxic
  • Absorbine Supershine Hoof Polish dries in less than 60 seconds and produces a shine that lasts a week through all your horse's normal activities in stall, paddock or pasture. This quick-drying hoof polish for horses seals out excess moisture and hardens soft hooves. Does not penetrate beyond the surface of hoof wall
  • Acrilan Girth Sleeves are comfortable & help to protect the horse from chafing and sores.
  • The AeroChill evaporative cooling boots are ideal for maintaining body temperature and also aiding the healing process of sensitive tissue and body parts. The special Hyperkewl fabric absorbs water quickly and releases it for extended cooling through evaporation.
  • New!
    ALPENGRÜN MASH consists primarily of Prenatura®-Fibers, made up of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs. Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura®-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestine well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora.
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    AlpenGrün Müsli is a cereal free, molasses free muesli designed for a natural, appropriate horse feed.
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    LeichtGenuss features a strong structural content that prolongs feed intake, satisfying the need to chew and supporting wear on teeth. Chaff causes better salivation, leading to better digestion. A mix of flowers provide necessary variety and deliver natural nutrients.
  • New!
    Myo Protein Flakes is a fibre-based forage component feed for horses with high protein requirements. Myoalpin® fibres – a combination of especially protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs – form the basis for a valuable, 100% natural source of protein without added molasses or artificial preservatives.
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    Agrobs Naturmineral

    Agrobs Naturmineral is rich in vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements and can, even in small doses in the daily feed, compensate for the feeding gap resulting from grazing, hay or cereals.
  • New!
    PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS are an ideal basic feed in extra large cob format. They are made up of a unique mixture of over 60 different grasses and herbs of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The fields are under constant supervision and are harvested at the right time of maturation. This ensures low protein and a high raw fiber content for optimum horse nutrition.
  • New!
    PRE ALPIN Wiesenflakes is a special product from Agrobs; an easy-feeding, high quality roughage product made by an innovative production process. PRE ALPIN Wiesenflakes is an ideal substitute to hay. The flake-like dosage form enables an uncomplicated feeding as an additive to the regular daily portion of basic feed or mixed in with existing trough feed. Trough feed will become more structured and the horse's daily high quality fiber intake will increase. At the same time, the horse's chewing will increase, leading to a slower intake of feed and the increased saliva production will lead to better digestion of the trough feed, at the same time serving to retain a healthy intestinal flora.
  • Protects and aids natural healing. A versatile natural product that can be applied direct to raw, sore, irritated areas including small cuts, grazes, sunburn and insect bites.
  • Neoprene brushing boots with padded and contoured strike pad with Velcro fastening. Perfect for everyday use.
  • Aluspray

    AluSpray is a convenient, water-resistant aerosol bandage that creates a protective barrier against external irritants in simple wounds of small and large animals.AluSpray is ideal for application to minor cuts and abrasions.
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    This 400g heavyweight turnout rug from Horseware is made with strong waterproof and breathable 1200D fabric outer. The surfeit neck design and v front closure ensure a secure fit with complete freedom of movement to graze and move in the field. Leg arches, reflective strips, secure triple cross surcingles and shine enhancing polyester lining complete the ultimate winter turnout. Thermobonded fibrefill allows for superior and longer lasting heat retention.
  • This is a waterproof and breathable competition sheet with a cosy fleece lining. It has our competition sheet cut to wrap around the saddle and let the riders legs work as normal. Reflective strips for added safety.
  • This 50g lightweight turnout is made with 600D ripstop fabric – super tough, waterproof and breathable outer. Available as a classic double surcingle front with front leg arches to maintain freedom of movement. Complete with antibacterial, anti-static and shine enhancing polyester lining. An ideal rug for changeable weather conditions in Autumn and Spring or for unclipped horses throughout the winter.
  • This 200g mediumweight turnout is made with 600D ripstop fabric – super tough, waterproof and breathable outer. Available as a classic double surcingle front with front leg arches to maintain freedom of movement. Complete with antibacterial, anti-static and shine enhancing polyester lining. An ideal rug for Autumn and Winter. Complete with detachable hood
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    Fantastic value heavy turnout with a detachable hood Colour: Grey
  • Virkon S Sachets is a highly versatile disinfectant approved by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. It can be applied on to the animal, its housing or surrounding areas and will kill viruses, fungi and bacteria quicker and at lower doses than most other products. It is very effective against Foot & Mouth disease and Bird Flu. Ideal for stable block, horse box, tack and equipment cleaning and disinfection. - Powerful disinfectant active against bacteria, fungi moulds and virus families including ringworm.