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  • Horse First Relax Me

    RelaxMe is a unique double action formula guaranteed free from prohibited substances. RelaxMe combines magnesium, vitamin E and B group vitamins to create a calmer more easy-going horse. More than just another calmer RelaxMe gives you a calm, less anxious horses and pony which have a quiet confidence in their own natural abilities. The dual action of Relax Me Horse Calmer works on both the gut and nervous system which means the one effect you see and feel is coming from our two pronged approach
  • RelaxMeNOW has been developed to offer that boost of RelaxMe when it is needed. The majority of the time, horses perform well on their normal feeding regime of RelaxMe, however there are many instances when due to competition timetables, i.e. early feeds, travelling, course walking etc. when a boost of RelaxMeNOW, 2 hours prior to the start of competition will really help.
  • Formulated as an intense boost after illness Back To Form has saved a lot of horses from long recovery periods, and is the perfect formulation to achieve a return to vitality. Many users of Back To Form get a great response when fed at a reduced level of one scoop per day giving their tired horses that lift to their performance.
  • New Bludd is an iron tonic for healthy athletic blood levels when you feel your horse is lacking stamina. The supplement contains high levels of iron which has been formulated with copper to enable your horse to properly absorb and utilise the iron, which increases performance, health, vigour and strength.
  • Omega D Oil is liquid sunshine for horses. Omega D contains cold pressed flax seed with the correct balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 which are known as essential fatty acids. These Omega oils cannot be naturally produced by your horse.Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and help reduce pain, swelling, promote general well-being and are associated with glossy coats. Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and help maintain your horse's immune system. Imbalance of Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids or inadequate amounts of Omega 3 can affect your horse's temperament.
  • One of the greatest concerns in horses is copper deficiency. Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up which brings your horses coat back to life. Copper deficiency is a common worry for horses so to combat this Cuppra has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning
  • Horse First My Joints

    My Joints is developed to work containing glucosamine, Vitamin C and sepolite and have proven effective. My joints results are confirming that this product is an optimum formulation
  • Keep Me Sound is the all in one supplement that nurtures and cares for Joints, Hooves, Coat, Skin and assists the digestive system giving all-round help and support in a scoop and confidence to the owner as they watch their horse bloom.
  • Horse First Hoof First

    Hoof First grows strong, healthy hooves which are better for your farrier to work with, and fights problems such as cracked or weak hooves contributing to loose shoes which cost so much money. Results speak for themselves. This is one product that you will see working, nothing can be more satisfying than watching that new healthy hoof grow before your eyes.In Hoof First, there is 40mg of biotin per 25g dose, combined with a number of other proven ingredients, methionine, a sulphur rich amino acid essential in the formation of keratin, zinc, essential for growth and healing, copper, lysine and vitamin B1 all balanced to ensure maximum results and satisfaction from Hoof First.
  • Horse First Heavy Sweat

    Feeding Heavy Sweat is the easy way to ensure your horse is not lacking in vital salts, you can either add to the damp feed or add to water. If adding to water always make sure your horse has another bucket of clean fresh water.
  • Garlic & More is nature's best packed into one special supplement. It is a complete powerful unique blend of garlic, seaweed, herbs, oil, salt and vitamins that benefits all horses and ponies. This blend smells as good as it tastes and delivers all of the age old benefits of natural ingredients. Garlic & More provides your horse with a range of herbs and vitamins to help utilise nutrition, aid digestion and boost the immune system in one tasty 25g serving.