Matabi Sprayers

Matabi 16l sprayer

Whites Agri

Pressure Sprayer for outdoor work such as garden, vegetable plots or for crops where one hand must be kept free.

Features: Large filling mouth, safety release valve, telescopic lance, level indicator, adjustable nozzle, double strap, backpack system, and automatic decompression valve.

Matabi Style 7 Sprayer 5 Litre

Whites Agri

A robust, light, strong polypropylene tank with a large funnel-shaped filler mouth for quick and easy refill. The fibreglass lance has an ergonomically designed handle that requires the minimum of effort to activate and is connected to the canister by a translucent hose that allows the liquid level to be seen prior to delivery. A safety valve located under the rim allows the automatic release of excessive pressure.

Matabi Elegance Plus 18L

Whites Agri

Two working options: continuous spray, with pressure regulation achieved via the green control, or dosified spray, by setting the black control to the timer position.
Variable pressure, from 0 to 5 bar (Elegance 18 plus) and from 0 to 3 bar (Elegance 18).
Battery protection by warning light. The pump will not operate until the battery is recharged.
12-volt battery which can be recharged at least 500 times and low consumption level.
Ergonomic tank, light and resistant, with a handle and lance hook to facilitate transport and storage.
Smooth operating handle which also works as a switch, fitted with an easy to clean filter and a fixed position for continuous spraying.
Electronic card, giving the sprayer a greater range of use. It prolongs the life of the pump by suiting consumption to the pressure at which it is operating.
Easy access fuse, acting as a protection against overcurrent.

Sprayer accessories

Matabi Rectangular Hood

Whites Agri

This rectangular hood will fit most sprayers made by Matabi. It comes complete with an elbow with a nozzle included. It will also fit other sprayers

Matabi Conical Hood

Whites Agri

This conical hood will fit most sprayers made by Matabi. It comes complete with an elbow with a nozzle included. It will also fit other sprayers

Other Sprayers

Osatu Kyle 9

Whites Agri

The Kale 9 Compression sprayer is fitted with a safety valve, to prevent excess pressure from either being filled with the pumping handle or pressure build up due to outside temperature conditions. Many accessories can be fitted to the telescopic lance included with this garden sprayer.

Osatu 16 Agri

Whites Agri Features:
  • Large filling mouth
  • Filling filter with level indicator
  • Strong, adjustable non-corrosive oriented straps
  • Guide nut with washer for sealing and lubrication
  • Operating lever with ergonomic handle
  • Chrome plated brass lance
  • Resistant tank with handle for transport; light and ergonomic thanks to back separator
  • Large filter in the lance grip
  • Mechanical stirrer with device to fit the closing valuce
  • Stainless steel balls in valve and sleeve
  • Rubber washer (Optional unit in Star Agro)
  • Reversible: can be used in either hand
  • Large capacity and highly resistant pressure chamber
  • Completely shock and corrosion proof base
  • Connector for accessories


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