Ground Cover

Ground Cover provides a chemical free way of supressing weeds and inhibiting their growth. Ground Cover is very low maintenance when put down and can last many years. It aids in maintaining a uniform soil temperature, conserves moisture and can also enhance the visual appeal of particular areas when used correct. Our Heavy Duty Woven Black Ground Cover comes with a pre-defined grid pattern which aids in the accuracy of cutting and applying the fabric to where needs be.

Application Areas Include:

  • Flower beds
  • Vegetable and fruit beds
  • Rose & shrub beds
  • Under decking, patios & aggregate areas
  • Under artificial grass
  • Others include acting as a barrier fence & wind proofing

Weed Control

Ground Cover is available in the following sizes:

1M X 20MComplete Roll Only
1M X 50M Can Be Cut To Meter Length
2M X 50MComplete Roll Only
3M X 50MComplete Roll Only

When applying ground cover it is best to completely weed the area first and ensure no stubs or spikes are left that could penetrate the fabric.

Ground Cover Pegs

Ground Cover Pegs

Plastic Ground Cover Pegs are also available in store. These aid in securing the fabric onto the ground area and ensure it stays in place. They come in two common sizes: 15cm & 19cm.

Bark Mulch is also recommended for use as an extra weed control measure.



Wind Break

Windbreak is availble in the following sizes:

1M X 50M Complete Rolls Only
2M X 50MComplete Rolls Only

This green Windbreak protects plants from wind, hail and snow damage. It also aids in preventing wind chill and soil erosion.

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